Helmut's Sudoku Helper

Helmut's Sudoku Formatter discontinued

With the new version of HSH, Helmut's Sudoku Helper has finally embraced mobile computing.

The user interface has been completely redesigned and all "Standard Actions" like Format, Print, Restart etc. were moved to a sidebar menu, accessed through the triple-bar icon top right.

This meant that the Formatter funcionality is now really just a tiny subset of the Sudoku Helper's capabilities. And since I saw dailysudoku sliding from its former vitality and technical stability, I had to take the decision to not provide links to the site any longer. That means, no "Draw/Play" either.

For those of you who would like to continue using the Sudoku Formatter - as it was - for a while, I've moved the last version 4 of the Formatter to a new place:
Sudoku Formatter V4 (no nonger maintained)

To continue with the new version of HSH, push the big green button to the right. And don't forget to update your bookmarks


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