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Copy and paste your grid from various sources into the area below. It is also possible to enter the numbers by hand: use "0" or "." for empty cells, single digits for solved cells. All other characters, including +,-,|,a,b,c,*,# etc. will be ignored.

Careful with tabs. In order to import puzzles from some sites which do not offer an export capability, the program interprets the combination of space and tab as "empty cell".

The whole grid must contain exactly 81 cells (0-9 or a period).

Typical grid lines look like this:

Pencil marks are allowed instead of zeroes or periods. If used, pencil marks must form continuous strings of single digits without any intervening characters (except "+" and "-" which are commonly used within pencil marks)
(1234 24# 12-7 | ... is O.K., 1234 24# 12*7 is not)

To find out more, look at the "FAQ" section.

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